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Cheat, the Smuggler Tabaxi | BitetheBullet |

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Printed under commercial license

Cheat, the Smuggler Tabaxi

This 32mm miniature designed by Bite the bullet designs and printed by ourselves is sure to stand out above other miniatures on any table top in any Fantasy wargame!

3D print in high quality grey resin these models come ready to be primed and painted like any other branded miniatures.

This set includes;

- Cheat, the Smuggler Tabaxi (+Empty Cape Ver.)
- Cheat, the Smuggler Tabaxi (Christmas Version) (+Empty Cape Ver.)
- Props: Candy Cane, Gingerbread, Ball of Yarn, Potion, Dagger and Curved Dagger
- 2x Bases (Normal or Christmas)

As these are 3D printed there may well be layer lines and other slight imperfections/support marks in the surface of the parts.

We try to minimise these as much as we can, but some filing or sanding may be required prior to assembly. We recommend products like Milliput, liquid green stuff and high grit sandpapers (400+) for this.

Our miniatures are printed in a grey resin which is comprised of a unique blend of high impact and high detail resins.

Any questions about these products please feel free to contact us.

All Parts are printed in and shipped from the UK