Our first blog and new site!

Our first blog and new site!

Good morning everyone!

So as many of you know we we're closed by Etsy last month due to malicious, continuous and unfounded IP claims from a rather large miniature manufacturer.

Etsy didn't allow an appeal to this shop suspension and the company in question refuse to contact me despite numerous emails.

This obviously came as a huge blow to us as Etsy was 90% of my income since I had now made miniature printing my fulltime job. 

Not only was this a blow to sale, turnover etc but Etsy made it nearly impossible to finish the outstanding orders with many of them opening cases against us due to their order not being shipped in the timely manner we had a reputation for thus reducing the pot Etsy were holding onto until we close. 

Unfortunely in our last month on their platform we have had our reputation tarnished and a few dissatisfied customers, which to us is a horrible realisation to get to but that was the reality these 2 companies had forced onto our business.

We're now finally on our new and glorious website and hope to continue this business I've poured my heart into and expand it to do even more in the future and maintain the level of service, quality and timely shipping that we built up for the last 18 months prior.

We hope many of you come back and continue to use our wonderful workshop to get yourself some amazing miniatures!!

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